Live. Work. Play. Love. Vibrantly.

Executive Health Coaching Programs

Executive Health Coaching Programs

Live. Work. Play. Love. Vibrantly.



Why Work with me?

In the last 15 years, I’ve experienced serious health challenges with close family members that made me think how prevention and proactive self-care was such a huge gap in so many people’s lives today.

Most people think of prevention as just getting their annual physical, going to the gym once in awhile and maybe eat less fast food as “wellness”. Most people spend less than 1 hour a week in self-care. It’s no wonder why obesity, diabetes, heart disease and complicated chronic conditions are growing at staggering rates among the US population.

True wellness and vitality comes in all the things that nourish us both on and off the plate. Life is meant to be lived vibrantly, aware and connected. And what I often see is that people go through their daily lives disconnected and unaware of their condition and before you know it, it often comes too late.

As a certified health coach, I love the work that I do because I help clients become more aware of their surroundings, their relationship with food and more connected with themselves. As an active observer, I help clients see their blindspots and help them with active behavioral changes and strategies to achieve their goals.

The work that I do no only gives you the nutrition education you need to make better choices, but also gives you an opportunity to do the deep inner inside-out work to make permanent changes in your life to be the best version of yourself.






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